In acupuncture, there are many methods to address ills and disease and cupping is used equivalent or more than needles or herbs.

What style method of cupping is used to treat what type of ills and diseases.

  • Circulating blood- Blood is the main source of all elements to life form in our body. Blood need to regenerate, create, dispose, rebirth every second.  To maintain vitality of blood and energy, moving cups method is frequently used.
  • Fatigues, aching body pain, localized pain, inflammation– Body is alive living mechanism, which transforms and in constant survival mode every second. Our body does not have to be ill to feel fatigue or muscle pain symptoms. Localized stable cupping is recommended
  • Cancer, tumor, skin diseases, frozen shoulder, after surgery, edema, severe bruise, trauma-In chinese acupuncture practice, licensed practitioner use blood letting or blood suction method. (See pictures) Depending on what it is sucked out, it is very think and gluey.
  • Headaches, migraines, depression, asthma, anxiety, detoxification, arthritis, cellulite, cold&flue, Respiratory issues, severe constant cough, digestive problems including diarrhea or constipation, high blood pressure-Many labeled symptoms can be helped by getting cupping treatment frequently. Ice cupping, fire cupping, moxa cupping method is used for above symptoms to circulate blood and energy (Qi).

There are no mysteries in cupping treatments. 

Cupping is used in different parts of the world for hundreds of years. It was basic common sense to utilize whatever tool was available. In modern medical practice, advance  suction tool is used for variety reasons more or less same as Chinese medicine practice. However, acupuncture practice in  western culture, cupping is used mainly to relieve pain, increase circulation and energy that is blocked by stagnation by too little movement, too much exercise, athletics constant muscle strain and blocked by mental stress. It is non abrasive, non painful method to resolve nagging to painful body symptoms. Patients notice the difference immediately after first treatment. Highly recommended to those whom are in fear of needles.

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